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Vaccinations And Other Boarding/Daycare Requirements


In addition to the requirements listed below, we may ask that your dog complete a free trial day prior to an overnight stay to make sure that we're the right place for your dog. This is to help ensure the well-being of your pet and the safety of our staff. We would be more than happy to review the needs of you and your dog - please give us a call or email!


•Safe to handle and not aggressive or dangerous

•At least 4 months old

•Spayed or neutered (if 7 months or older) - we can also sometimes accommodate dogs that are not fixed so please check with us!

•On a Flea/Tick control program during Spring and Summer months

•Vaccinated for the following: DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella

*We recommend your dog be licensed in your area of residence but it is not a requirement at this time


Shake A Leg Petcare believes that vaccinations are important for the health and safety of our four legged friends. Please consult your veterinarian regarding the proper vaccination procedure for your dog and be sure that it is kept current. A copy of your dog’s vaccine certificate or a receipt from your vet stating that vaccinations are current is required at the time of your pet’s check-in and as updated. This proof must show when the vaccines have been given and their expiry dates. DHPP and Rabies should be given at least 2 weeks before boarding and Bordetella should be given at least 7 days before boarding, or 3 days if it is the intra-nasal vaccine. Proof from your Vet that your dog is on a Flea/Tick control program (during the Spring and Summer months) is also needed at check-in or before. If your dog does not have the required vaccines, please call us to discuss the reasons and alternative over options we may be able to offer you.



At Shake A Leg Petcare, we do our best to accommodate animals with special needs. If your pet has a chronic illness like epilepsy, or a condition such as arthritis that is managed with medication, they typically should be able to stay with us. However, we are not a medical facility and can only accept healthy, family pets. Animals with minor, acute medical issues – like an ear infection or skin irritation – may also stay with us, as long as they have seen a veterinarian first. We’re not able to accept animals with contagious illnesses, broken bones, stitches, or dogs that require injections such as insulin.

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