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Doggie Daycare and Boarding: Policies and Procedures

CHECKING IN: Registering Your Pet For Their Dog Boarding Experience

First visit to Shake A Leg Petcare Resort Boarding and Daycare? Please allow 15-20 minutes for the following upon your arrival:
•Completion of our Country Boarding Registration Form (medical history, emergency contact numbers, unique characteristics and habits, likes and dislikes, names of individuals authorized to pick up your pet) or we can email you forms beforehand to complete.
•Completion of our Veterinary Care Release Form and also bring with you, your pet’s current inoculation certificates or vet verification letter
•Label and record any items you’ve brought along for your pet’s stay
•Receive detailed information about feeding schedules and any medication routines if applicable


At Shake A Leg, we want to accommodate each pet’s personal feeding routine. Because changing your pet’s routine can be stressful on them, we try to change as little as possible about their normal habits to ease the stress on their system. This is why we ask clients to provide us with enough food to last for their dog’s overnight stay with us. Your dogs food is labelled and kept in a sealed container while at the Resort, to keep it fresh and protected.


At Shake A Leg's Doggie Daycare and Boarding we strive to provide an experience full of exercise, socializing, and fun for your dog! In order to maintain a safe environment and minimal disruption to the doggie activities each day, while drop off or pick up typically occurs between 7am and 7pm, we ask clients to simply arrange a more specific time within those hours the day before drop off or pick up so that we can have your dog all set and ready to go when you arrive! We can often also accommodate drop off and pick up times after hours so please feel free to ask!


When you arrive, Shake A Leg staff will discuss your pet’s visit and will be happy to answer any questions. For your dog’s security, Shake A Leg Petcare will only release animals to authorized individuals. You’re welcome to have a friend or family member pick up your dog, but you must provide this information at time of check in. Please let a Shake A Leg Petcare employee know if you need assistance loading your dog into your vehicle. And remember items such as food, treats, medication, etc!

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