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Dog Walking

As most owners know, dogs are very active animals, with a need for mental stimulation and regular exercise. Unfortunately, not all dog owners have the time to take their friend out during the day. Our professional dog walking service offers the opportunity to have your dog taken by one of our dog walkers for either a private, semi-private, or group dog walk. On these walks your dog will be able to play, sniff, and do their business; all the things dogs love most! Not only is this great exercise, it also gives your pet the opportunity to socialize with other friendly dogs in the neighbourhood. You'll have peace of mind knowing your dog is out having fun, not sitting at home bored or chewing on someone's favourite shoes.

If you are the proud owner of a new puppy, they will need to have all required vaccinations before joining our group walks. If your puppy doesn't have all  vaccinations yet but you still need some help, we also provide 30 minute puppy visits. We will feed and play with your puppy in the backyard or take her/him for a short walk.


(all rates are subject to applicable taxes):

*All dog walks are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise stated*

Private Dog Walk (1-4 days/week or occasional): $25 per walk

Daily Private Dog Walk (5 weekdays): $23 per walk

Semi-Private or Group Dog Walk: $21 per walk

Extra Dog from the Same Household: $12 per walk

Puppy Visits: $25 per visit

Pee Breaks (10-15 minutes): $17 per visit


One Hour Dog Walk: $40 per walk

Please note that an initial consultation is required to meet you and your pets before we can begin providing any services.


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