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Doggie Daycare and Boarding

Shake A Leg Petcare Resort Boarding clients are welcome to come for just one night, one week, or an extended stay! We are open all year round!

Our dog boarding and daycare facility is located at 22865 Kennedy Road, Sutton West - conveniently located about 5 minutes east of the end of the 404. We are surrounded by 28 acres of forest, with a large pond, large outdoor play area, a 4000 square foot building with lots of windows for natural light, an epoxy floor, and radiant heat flooring to keep everyone cozy in the winter!

*TOURS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - to help reduce disruptions to the boarding dogs daily schedule - please contact us to book a tour! *

What does your doggie's stay with us include?


  • Each doggie guest has their own private 5ft x 11ft indoor suite with attached private outdoor patio of approximately the same size.

  • Raised Kuranda doggie bed and stainless steel non-tip dog bowls.

  • A doggie door between their indoor and outdoor runs, which is opened during the day and closed at night for safety - with dog door flaps to help keep the kennel building at a consistent temperature

  • Frequent outside play and potty sessions each day in our fully fenced outdoor play area!

  • Private meal times

  • Music played inside to help make your pups feel more at home

  • Lots of love, cuddles and playing fun!

Some people can make you feel like your dog isn't well trained or is poorly socialized, or that they're somehow a 'bad' dog if they aren't able to be in one of the new 'cage-free' dog boarding environments with a large group of dogs. But the truth is, there are many dogs who aren't comfortable in that situation and there's nothing wrong with that. Every dog has a unique personality (just like us!) and needs different things. There's nothing wrong with a dog who prefers to play with just one or two dogs, or small group, or even those dogs who prefer just to play with the humans! Some dogs take a bit of extra time to get used to a new person or dog. Our goal is to work within your dog's comfort levels to make sure they feel safe at all times. We emphasize lots of daily play time and individual attention, whether indoor or outdoor, during the day to keep your four legged friend happy and healthy! We have private and small group play sessions each day, depending on what suits your dog's personality best. We want your dog to be as happy as they are when they're with you (or as close as we can get!)

For security and safety, there is always someone on property with the dogs. Contact us to schedule your tour or reserve your spot!*


TOURS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to minimize changes to our daily doggie schedule*

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