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Home Style Boarding

At Shake A Leg Petcare, we know when you go away on a trip, you want assurance that your furry family members are safe and happy.  And just like people, every dog has a different personality. Some dogs love playing with their doggie pals and some would rather just hang out on their own. Dogs can be outgoing, shy, nervous, exciteable, and many other things in between! This is why we offer three types of overnight care to suit your dog's personal needs. Whether your dog is sociable and playful, or a little shy and easily stressed, we can help make the overnight experience a great one for your dog!  

Home Style Boarding is one of the three types of overnight care offered by Shake A Leg Petcare. It is perfect for pet owners who cannot accommodate someone staying in their home overnight (as found in our Live-In Overnight Care), or for those who do not want to kennel or leave their animal home alone. It is always a crate-free environment, though crates can be used at the request of the owner. During a Home Style Boarding stay, one of our staff will take your dog into their home while you're away. Your dog will get lots of quality attention, love, and exercise. They will go on daily walks, play with tons of toys, and meet new friends. They may even get to sleep in the bed! Your pet must generally be well socialized and get along with other dogs to make use of this option as they may be in a home with other dogs.

Current Rates (all rates shown are subject to applicable taxes)

Dogs: $35.40 per dog/ per night

Cats: $20.00 per cat/ per night

Please note that an initial consultation is required to meet you and your pets before we can begin providing any services.

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